Introduction to the project

At the genesis of a new project, we meet with potential clients who may share a compatible style and objective for the creation of home. It is here that discerning clients who share a similar vision and value for quality become a member of our collective team.

The Shared Vision

The crucial step of visioning sets our process apart. Concepts flow between our skilled and creative team and the inspired client until ideas begin to fuse into a collective vision that reflects those who will dwell within. Before pencil is placed to paper, the look and feel of a project is developed and clearly established. A well-defined vision that encompasses the personality and authenticity of a homeowner allows for a cohesive project from start to finish, with a consistent feeling that deliberately weaves itself through the architectural structure and interior details.

Building your dream home

We work from scratch. Our creative process is an active phase, with every team member filling clear and interdependent roles within their design concentration. From architecture to interior details to furnishings, we pour ourselves into creating a fully custom home. Our designers then team with skilled craftsman and artisans with a commitment to refinement and quality to create a home unique to the client.

Opening the next chapter

Once the finest of details is perfectly placed, our work is turned over to those who will add the life and love that truly turn a structure into a special place. Our passion and influence on a project is merely the preface to what is ultimately at work: the creation of an inspired home that embraces the spirit of family and friends.

When an Establish key is placed in the hands of our clients, it is not the end of the story. It is only the beginning…



We approach every project with the same open-minded methodology.
Every solution however, is unique.


Kimberly Rasmussen Principal Design Partner At Establish, Kimberly relies upon her B.S. in Business Administration and Finance, extended experience as partner at Elizabeth Kimberly Design, and a degree in Interior Design. She uses her design concentration on Establish projects by specializing in custom furnishings and finishes, art collection, and accessories. Kimberly considers her family of six her greatest honor, and she uses her practical experience in this role to personalize design for homeowners with efficiency and operation in mind.
Elizabeth Wixom Principal Design Partner, NCIDQ Elizabeth was guided in her early years by every study and shadow opportunity she could find, then formalized with a B.A. in Interior Design. This background, combined with years spent as an interior designer at an established firm, followed by her collaboration with Kimberly to create Elizabeth Kimberly Design, total nearly 25 years of residential and commercial interior design experience. Guided by her love for family, friends, and all things beautiful, Liz’s goal is to create homes inspired by the interests and personalities of those who dwell within them.
Bradford R. Houston Director of Architectural Design Brad brings a wealth of education and experience from around the world to Establish. He earned a B.A. in Design with an emphasis in Architectural Design from Brigham Young University, followed by a Master’s degree from the Department of Land Economy at the University of Cambridge and a Masters of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame. Professionally, he worked as President of Goodboro Planning and Design and Manager of Architectural Design for the Temple Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. At Establish, he works on direct visioning and design of all architecture projects.


Professional Team

Charee Hansen Interior Designer
Bryan Wright Architectural Project Manager
Tracee Goff Project Coordinator, NCIDQ
Kate Van Wagoner Client Relations
Courtney Haddick Designer
Jami Millward Office manager

Establish Design is a full-service interior design and architecture firm that creates exquisite living experiences through inspired collaboration and years of classical design expertise.

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